A Cleverly Caculated Next Move.

Will Wilkinson said...
I am thrilled to have found this blog.I recieved the DVD in the mail yesterday, and I agree with most everything Liam has written. I would be curious to learn more about this David Grohl business and how awkworld.com got shut down. Do you have any links to information on the theories behind Andrew W.K. as a "puppet"?My first impression after watching the feature, and this was only enhanced after seing the special features, was that the DVD was made to irritate Andrew's fans. Occasional sequences of live music are practically ruined by deliberately contorted audio. The deleted scenes, in which Andrew himself hardly appears, consist mostly of his friends being unenjoyable and often repugnant assholes (smoking weed for Christ's sake!).As a side note, there's a strong element of "goofing off" in the editing of the feature. I've made plenty of shitty home videos in my day, and the absurd and excessive use of video effects is kind of an inside joke for people who edit video as a hobby. I don't know if the idiosyncracies of each scene are worth over-analyzing.After reading the booklet the purpose of this DVD has become somewhat more clear to me. Andrew W.K. is not the Christ-like figure so many people have conceived him as. He is a character, or as "Dad" put it, the symbolic respresentative of the music's mission. This being a revelation to viewers did not at first occur to me, because I have always viewed Andrew W.K. as a persona. After all, it's not like he ever maintained perfect character on his CD's and in the public spotlight. The song "Make Sex" doesn't ideologically agree with him advising guys to always ask girls for permission to kiss them, as he did on his MTV show.The fact that Andrew breaks character in this DVD doesn't bother so much. What bothers me is the question of why the people behind it chose to make it. Is Andrew burnt out? Is everyone just getting bored with the show their putting on? Or is this a cleverly calculated next move?If I were Andrew or "Dad," I think I would be very curious to know how many people truly understand what Andrew is trying to accomplish with his music, as articulated in he booklet. Those kids singing "Party Hard" in the Bonus Footage shouldn't give them much hope. How much of the producers' motive with the DVD was to provoke the audience, to see how everyone reacted, to see if any thoughtful blogs such as this one would spring up?Personally, I can't believed how perturbed I am by all this. I've spent the last three hours thinking about "Who Knows?"

Will Wilkinson

L.M. said...
Sadly many of the message boards on which the initial discussion and speculation around Andrew W.K. took place no longer exist, and I am not sure whether anyone had enough foresight to archive the various theories that were in the air at the time. Perhaps a Google search of "Dave Grohl + Andrew W.K." or "Andrew W.K. + fraud" might turn up some cached pages of interest. One particularly unsympathetic article written by Kurt Hernon about the Andrew W.K. question is still available online, and a link to it can be found in the Wikipedia entries on Steev Mike and Andrew W.K. Also the blog http://truthaboutandrewwk.blogspot.com/ is worth your time, as it sheds some light on the corporate decisions and institutional practices that may have helped shape all this.