The Other Spectrum.

blownouteardrums said...

Great blog here, I just got into AWK from the other spectrum that I assume (?dunno??) most AWK fans are from, listening to Wolf Eyes and noise.... I recently rented the DVD and even tho some of the songs are a little too "Monday Night Football" I really enjoyed Andrews energy, too bad I was too young to see him play live ever. Hopefully he tours again and I dont find him 'weird' hes actually pretty 'normal' which makes it seem even 'weirder'.
Keep It Green!

L.M. said...

You might be surprized to hear that many AWK listeners discovered the music via more prosaic routes. While you are correct in your assumption that the majority of his fans come from a noise music background, I would estimate that anywhere from at least twenty to thirty percent discovered him through the MTV music videos for "Party Hard" and "She is Beautiful," finding the albums in chain record stores in shopping malls, or saw one his live performances on a television talk show.

If you are worried about your hearing, I'd suggest checking the link to Etymotic Industries above.


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