Bizzarely Subdued.

While several reviews of "Who Knows?" have skated around the obvious questions the film raises, only one I have found so far expresses the authors confusion and pain openly and honestly. Unfortunately, the reviewer in question, Kevin Jagernauth of www.popmatters.com has been so upset by the DVD that he has lost his critical faculties. Incapable of believing that the film might intentionally be working to discomfit him, he concludes that it has somehow failed. What he means of course, is that it has failed to replicate the Andrew W.K. persona he is familiar and comfortable with.

His review is strafed with the pain of overturned expectation. "For a man so given to energetic interviews and passionate speeches, [Andrew W.K.] is bizarrely subdued here." "The portions of video which he speaks over are slowed way down and accented by quasi-horror music." And so on. I would recommend reading the review, if only to lament how someone could allow their expectations and pre-concieved notions dictate their response to a potentially epiphanic experience. A surface reading and a missed opportunity.


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