Ashes of the Now Dead Andrew.

chadwick eberhardt said...
interesting post, liam. you have clearly done a great deal of homework.i have a question for you, if you are in fact willing and available to respond to it. andrew has always been one of the more accessible rockstars, especially physically, and as a result has come to represent the 'nice guy rocker' to expectant listeners. i would say that this film asks its viewers to divorce whomever the reborn andrew will emerge from the ashes of the now-dead andrew. but as the events on the internet have been transpiring for over a year now and the dvd has no doubt extended the audience of this propaganda, how much of an effect do you think this will have on the number of fans as a whole? if this was designed to discourage or even prepare the masses, unfortunately, i think it still evades all but the most ardent of fans with the methods currently being used (the internet, dvds, et al. - which are really just instruments of privilege).i would personally like to see how this will all play out on the road supporting the upcoming release this year!anyhow, liam, i am very glad i stumbled across your little corner of the web.

like an iron cube,
c.g. eberhardt

L.M. said...
True, and I would go further and say that non-native speakers of English are likely to be surprised when the next Andrew W.K. rears his head, whatever shape it may be, for the majority of what has been going on over the past year and a half has been conducted monolingually to the best of my knowledge. But, that said, the DVD does work at levels that transcend language, and no doubt those overseas fans who buy it will sense that "something" is very wrong here, but whether they will have adequate context for understanding it, I cannot say. Certainly I do expect changes to the way business is conducted in this next tour, and we may have a chance to experience firsthand this making of first-impressions - after the fact. Also consider that brand new fans approaching this after the release of the next album may have the chance to do the same in reverse, for when they hear of the Andrew of bygone days, it may be difficult for them to reconcile him with the Andrew that is yet to be.- L.M.


Blogger Dot said...

Wow; this is so great!

If I may offer a dissenting opinion-- While I love the idea that Andrew (or rather, who we understand as Andrew) is now "dead", I'm wondering if that's possible if you consider that he never existed in the first place. Maybe he was all just a screen for projection, you know? All that white!

Great blog!

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